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Church Security: Protect Your Greater Philadelphia Area Congregation Against Deadly Acts of Violence

In recent years, high-profile shootings and hate crimes have brought the issue of violence at houses of worship to the forefront. Sadly, the frequency of mass shootings at churches and other places of worship continues to increase.

The 2017 shooting at a small church in Sutherland Springs, TX was the 14th fatal shooting at a house of worship since 2012, according to the Associated Press. In June 2015, nine people were killed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. In 2014, three people were killed after an avowed white supremacist opened fire at a Jewish community center. In 2012, six people were fatally shot at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee. In 1999, nine people died in a mass shooting at a Buddhist temple near Phoenix.

These tragic events remind us that no place of worship is immune from potential attack. Greater Philadelphia Area churches cannot afford to be naive about potential security risks.

Attackers often look for ‘soft’ or easy targets. Criminals do not want to take extra risks and will often choose to attack areas that are the most vulnerable, providing greater opportunity for them to easily inflict harm. The proactive effect of having visible security measures in place – like building access control and video surveillance – can go a long way to deter potential attackers and protect your congregation.

Robust Security Solutions for Your Church Facility

At Frontline Security Solutions, we understand the unique challenges faced by Greater Philadelphia Area houses of worship. We specialize in providing innovative security solutions that secure public and private buildings, improve overall safety, and protect parishioners, clergy, and staff members.

Whether you are a small rural congregation, a large megachurch, or any size house of worship in between, Frontline Security Solutions can provide effective, proven security solutions that help ensure the safety of people and property, while staying within your budget.

Our access control and video surveillance solutions help protect your church by securing entry and exit points, and by providing continuous monitoring around-the-clock, along with video-based evidence should an incident occur.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Access control is a growing trend in physical security and is an ideal solution for safeguarding church buildings.

While a church entrance may be monitored by a staff member, this provides little defense if an intended shooter gets past this initial entrance point. Access control enables a facility to go into lockdown mode and secure vulnerable access points, creating a barrier that can stop an intruder from gaining easy access to congregants.

Frontline Security Solutions provides IP-based access control solutions that allow Greater Philadelphia Area churches to restrict access during worship services, community events and off hours. A robust access control solution provides your staff members with card-based credentials that are required to enter and exit the building. Doors can only be opened during certain times, and only by authorized personnel. For anyone else to gain access, church staff must physically use their access badge to let them in and out.

An access control system also can be used to segment your facility and create lockdown for various zones or the entire facility. Restricting access and creating barriers buys time during a crisis, and protects occupants until emergency responders are able to arrive. First responders can be granted access with a designated proxy card through a designated lockdown door, so they can secure and clear the area and establish a safe evacuation route.

For larger Greater Philadelphia Area places of worship, Frontline Security Solutions offers multi-building solutions that provide 24/7 protection of building interiors, common areas, grounds, and parking garages.

24/7 Video Security

Frontline Security Solutions provides customized, remote viewable video security systems designed for worship environments of all sizes, to improve safety and simplify systems management for administrators.

Having a comprehensive video security solution that includes multi megapixel video security cameras, security DVRs to record video evidence, and posted signage provides church officials with 24/7 live and recorded surveillance, real-time alerts, and the ability to react and protect the congregation from a crisis situation.

And if your church uses a vehicle fleet, Frontline Security Solutions provides mobile surveillance solutions that enable your facility administrators to monitor church vehicles to ensure driver safety and protect passengers in transit.

Integrating video surveillance with access control provides a multi-layered approach to church security, maximizing visibility to entry/exit points and areas where people are concentrated. Desired areas can be secured and monitored remotely in real-time to ensure safety, help prevent unwanted incidents, and provide video evidence if an incident were to occur.

Your Trusted Church Security Provider in Greater Philadelphia Area

Frontline Security Solutions is committed to offering the highest level of security to houses of worship in Greater Philadelphia Area. We can create a church security solution that meets your unique needs and specifications, while remaining within your budget. 

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Greater Philadelphia Area house of worship and congregants are protected. Call us today for a customized, no obligation security assessment! 

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