Our Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our Response

The well-being of our customers and employees is our number one priority. We are sensitive to the intense impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having across the globe, and also in our local communities where we live and provide service.

Each day, we learn more critical information about COVID-19. Please be assured, we are following the current guidance from leading government and health authorities to ensure we are taking the right actions to protect our customers, employees, and the communities where we operate.

As this situation evolves, we will update this page with the most up-to-date information.

How we protect our customers

The nature of our business is such that sometimes we need to interact directly with our customers, whether it’s to repair an existing system or install new systems. Because of the circumstances, we’re taking extra steps to safeguard our customers.

  • We are working hard to try and resolve issues remotely without on-site appointments. And if a visit to the location is needed, we ensure customers can provide a safe work environment for themselves and our team members.
  • We’re equipping employees who meet with customers with additional cleaning, sanitation and protective tools to help protect them and our customers.
  • Our field staff are taking even more steps to help protect our customers, including practicing social distancing; making sure the customer’s household is healthy before arriving; and utilizing personal hygiene safeguards.
  • All our field team members are conducting daily personal wellness checks before reporting to work. If anyone is showing any signs of illness, they’re instructed to stay home.

How we protect our team members

With the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, we continually assessed our protocols for our customer-facing employees and taken extra precautionary measures, such as additional sanitization practices and daily temperature checks. Our technicians provide important services to keep our customers connected – and we understand that connectivity matters more than ever right now, helping everyone stay connected is our utmost priority.

  • Limiting technician visits on-site or non-essential businesses to only when it’s necessary to provide connectivity to critical services.
  • Completing as much work remotely for customers who need assistance.
  • Practicing social distancing during any customer interaction.
  • Asking our technicians to perform daily temperature checks, wear a facial covering while interacting with customers, and additional sanitization practices to help protect everyone’s wellbeing.
  • Asking technicians to wash their hands or use sanitizer before and after every customer visit
  • Asking our customers to self-certify that no one at the location is under quarantine or has flu-like symptoms, and rescheduling appointments to a later date if needed
  • Working to replenish all of the cleaning supplies our technicians have in their vehicles.

Similar practices are in place for our employees working in our office location. Our goal with these additional measures is to allow us to best serve our customers while caring for everyone’s safety.

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