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Know Who’s At the Door: Intercom Systems for Enhanced Security

Intercom systems are a great way for homeowners and business owners to know who is at the door and gain convenient, two-way room-to-room communication.

Installing home intercom systems in a home allows homeowners to screen visitors, and provides enhanced protection at-the-door. Intercom systems for homes also enable family members to conveniently communicate from different rooms throughout the home—from wherever they are.

Commercial intercom systems are also a great security solution for small or mid-sized business owners, for enhancing security at their place of business, and deterring crime and theft. Intercom systems for business allow business owners, managers, and employees to screen visitors, and provide two-way communication from various rooms throughout the facility.

Alibi Security provides the latest door intercom systems and technologies that help you secure your home or business.

Choose the Perfect Intercom System for Your Location

Voice Intercom

Voice intercoms provide real-time communication at the door, and from room-to-room for households, and businesses. Voice intercom systems provide a great inter-communication tool for larger spaces, allowing occupants and individuals to speak to someone in another room, another floor, or with visitors outside—without leaving the room they are in. Voice intercoms are easy to use and provide a cost-effective security solution for a home or business.

Video Intercom

Video intercoms enable you to see who’s outside of the door of your home or business, without having to open the door. A video intercom system provides another layer of protection for securing your workplace or household. Some video intercom systems provide integration capabilities with access control modules, to further enhance security at-the-door.

Wireless Intercom

Wireless intercom systems are easy-to-install at a home or business. Wireless technology eliminates the need for running complicated hard wiring, and cutting and drilling into walls or ceilings to install the unit. Complete wireless intercom systems typically offer a secure radio link and encryption between units to prevent individuals from eavesdropping on the wireless communication, and enhanced wireless network security.

Easy Two-Way Communication

Intercom systems provide convenient two-way communication at the door and from room to room, with inhabitants and visitors. You don’t have to physically leave the room you are in or stop what you are doing to communicate with someone in your home or business. You can communicate from room-to-door, or room-to-room with a touch of a button.

Enhanced Personal Security

An intercom system enables homeowners and business owners to see who’s at the door, without having to physically open the door, for enhanced security. Some door intercom systems are capable of taking a snapshot or recording video of anyone who rings your doorbell.

Instant Alerts

A door intercom system provides an instant alert, when a visitor rings the doorbell.

Increased Business Productivity

Intercom systems for business allow business owners to quickly locate and speak with employees, regardless of which room they are in another room, another building, or across the office campus. An intercom system can significantly improve office communications and boost productivity. Additionally, many commercial intercom systems also offer paging capabilities to broadcast communications to the entire company over a loudspeaker.

Peace-of-Mind Home Security

Residential intercom systems installed inside of a home provide convenient two-way communication, and also provide peace-of-mind. Parents are able to use an intercom system to communicate with their children in other areas of the home, and keep an eye on their whereabouts. Door intercom systems provide you with added peace-of-mind, providing the ability to see and communicate with visitors —without having to jeopardize personal safety by opening the door to someone you or your family does not know.

Intercom System Installation Services

The intercom system installation experts at David Davis Communications will oversee your home or business intercom systems installation from beginning-to-end. We offer professional and comprehensive intercom services—from site assessment, to installation, and system and settings documentation.

Our intercom system installation services experts can help you determine the best video, voice, and wireless intercom systems that meet your home or business security needs.

Installation Services Include:

  • Installation – voice, video, wireless
  • Site Assessment – We will conduct thorough site assessment to determine where to mount the master station, along with how many intercom stations you will need based on your building blueprint.
  • Configuration – Our security experts will configure all of the local wire and electric outlets needed for installing your intercom system.
  • Documentation and Archiving – We’ll provide a diagram of your system and intercom stations, product documentation and archiving of systems settings.
  • Maintenance and Support – Even after your intercom system installation, our security experts can provide ongoing maintenance and support.

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