AI-Driven Intelligence Beyond the Plate

– Search Vehicle Records in Seconds
– Real Time Alerting
– Enterprise Solutions for Thousands of Camera Connections
– Satisfying Customers in Law Enforcement, Smart Cities, College Campus, Airports, and More
– Advanced Analytics for Vehicle Intelligence Beyond the License Plate

More than Just Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

A Source of Full Vehicle Intelligence.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2019 saw more than 275 million registered vehicles traveling U.S. highways and byways. And when they arrive in your community or at your property, PlateSmart’s® AI-driven vehicle recognition solutions can give you actionable intelligence about them.

Yes, you will get the license plate alphanumeric data and state jurisdiction as well as the vehicle make and color. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


See travel patterns and hotspots in and around your community or facility.


Identify vehicle behaviors that could be precursors to a crime or terrorist attack.


Search for vehicles by plate, vehicle attributes, date and time, and even location.


Export vehicle data for further analysis.


Ensure user accountability with full auditing capabilities.


Let our best-in-class vehicle information drive your business solution for better customer satisfaction and ROI.

An estimated 75% of all crime involves a
vehicle. That’s why your hometown needs
the cutting-edge ALPR Camera System.
It includes:

High-Definition Video Surveillance

  • Get almost unlimited scalability, whether monitoring with three cameras or 3000
  • Look for vehicles within a specific date range
  • Narrow your search by specific times of day
  • Combine vehicle attributes (plate/issuing state/make/model/color) to filter results
  • Specify a group of cameras to narrow your search

Professional Installation

  • Licensed installers
  • Customized solutions for YOUR community
  • Local maintenance and support
PlateSmart Software

  • Delivers unprecedented crime prevention with its AI-driven analytics
  • Crunches data so you can make quicker, smarter decisions
  • Integrates with NCIC and Fusion Center databases for enhanced functionality
  • Works with top video management systems

PlateSmart Analytic Recognition Enterprise Solutions (ARES®) 3.0 Analytics

Protect And Serve Your Community Better With A Professionally Installed ALPR Camera System

The Full Featured, Enterprise-Wide ALPR & Vehicle Intelligence Solution

PlateSmart ARES® starts with ALPR, driven by cutting-edge AI and deep learning, and ends by delivering virtually unprecedented vehicle analytics. Capture the license plate and jurisdiction as well as the vehicle make and color, and then use the software’s powerful analytical tools to make smarter decisions

Even better, ARES® offers almost unlimited scalability, making it ideal whether monitoring three cameras or 3000. As always, the software integrates with top video management systems (VMS) such as Milestone, IPConfigure, Exacq and others. And its API-centric architecture makes it capable of integrating with virtually any third-party software solution, offering customers enhanced functionality via ALPR.

Comprehensive Vehicle Searching & Reporting

  • Look for vehicles within a specific date range.
  • Narrow your search by specific times of day.
  • Combine vehicle attributes (plate/state/make/color)
    to filter results.
  • Specify a group of cameras, such as all cameras
    facing northbound, to narrow your search


Play Video

See the Ares® Search in Action

Built-In Control for Data Retention & Activity Auditing

  • See who has logged into and out of ARES® and when.
  • Export audit reports for further analysis.
  • Identify what a user was searching for and when.
  • Determine if a user has altered any system configurations.

Harness The Power Of AI-Driven Analytics

License plate and vehicle attribute data become really powerful when they help you identify trends that either solve problems or improve your bottom line. PlateSmart® ARES® analytics does just that. The software’s powerful analytics crunch data for you so that you can more quickly and effectively utilize the information.

Get Vehicle Travel History

Many security and law enforcement applications would benefit from knowing a vehicle’s travel history. ARES® 3.0 analytics can provide that intelligence.

  • Use the License Plate to See a Vehicle’s Travel History.
  • Limit By Date and Time.
  • Filter by Camera Location.
  • Determine Travel Time Between Cameras (Minimum, Maximum, and Average).
  • See the Most Common Routes the Vehicle Has Taken.


Find Traffic Hotspots

Whether you’re looking to address congested rush-hour traffic or planning traffic flow around a large site such as an airport, ARES® 3.0 analytics can help you see the overall traffic picture.

  • Identify Traffic Hotspots by Date and Time.
  • Filter by Camera Location for More Detailed Intelligence.

The best part is that you can mix and match any of these tools for virtually unlimited search combinations. And export the data for further analysis. The end result is time saved and answers received.

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