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Single Person Wrist Temperature Detection & Alert System

Recommended for schools, retail, community facilities, supermarkets, shopping malls, construction sites, banks, and more

The compact and efficient unit allows you to measure body temperature using a facial recognition monitor and wrist temperature measurement.  If abnormal temps are detected a picture can be taken to keep track of sick individuals.

Normal and Abnormal Temperature Without a Mask

Temperature Detection

  • Supports face recongnition with mask
  • UI can indicate whether he/she is wearing a mask or not
  • Voice alarm for those who do not wear a mask

Normal and Abnormal Temperature With a Mask

Mask Wearing Detection

  • Real-time temperature detection & screen display
  • High temperature voice alarm
  • Snap photos and overlay temperature OSD information
  • Privacy mode: Only measure wrist temperature, not capturing face image

Key Features


  • Safety, no direct contact with target
  • Small size with high reliability
  • Accurate measurement and supports dynamic & static detection
  • High effeciency, 20/30 people/min.

Key Notes:

  • Temperature Range: 86-degree F – 113-Degreee F
  • Temperature Accuracy: 0.18-degree F
  • Temperature Deviation: 0.54-degree F
  • Application Situation: Indoor (50-degree F – 113-degree F, no wind)

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